The experience that can only be done at Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort.

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①Summit hut

A rest spot offering a 360 degree panoramic view of Lake Okutadami, Oze Park's Mount Hiuchi, and Mount Echigo-Koma. Snacks are also available.

bunadaira restaurant

 ②Bunadaira hut

As indicated by the name, a restaurant situated in the middle of a buna (Japanese beech) forest, midway down the slope.


 ③Maruyama slope(Beginner/Intermediate/Expert)

A spacious slope spanning from the mountain's summit. Enjoy the snow park in the spring. The high quality snow is also popular with beginners. Please also use this course for practicing pole planting and carving.

course_kamoshika slope

④Kamoshika slope

Okutadami Maruyama's main slope. The E course, found at the bottom of the A course (intended for experts) is a non-piste area. Enjoy the powder snow in winter and moguls in spring. The B and C courses are highly varied, making them perfect for intermediate level practice. The D course (open only in spring) is located in the middle of a beautiful beech forest.

course_hassaki slope

⑤Hassaki slope(Beginner/Intermediate/Expert)

A slope with an average incline of 15 degrees. To the right, skiers can enjoy a view of the Okutadami dam while heading to the base.

course_buadaira slope

⑥Bunadaira slope

A course situated in an old-growth Japanese elm forest for you to glide comfortably down. Perfect for practice for beginners or a break for intermediate skiers. Can also be used as a cross country course.

Lodging Information


Nature College
Green Garden

The only accommodation located right by Lift #1.
For other accommodation, please refer to Uonuma Tourist Association English Site

Non-Holidays Day before holiday Specific Dates
1night, 2meals ¥7,150 ¥7,700 ¥8,250
1night, 2meals + 1lift pass ¥10,050 ¥10,600 ¥11,150
1night, 2meals + 2lift passes ¥12,950 ¥13,500 ¥14,050
1night, 2meals Price
Non-Holidays ¥7,150
Day before holiday ¥7,700
Specific Dates ¥8,250
1night, 2meals + 1lift pass Price
Non-Holidays ¥10,050
Day before holiday ¥10,600
Specific Dates ¥11,150
1night, 2meals + 2lift passes Price
Non-Holidays ¥12,950
Day before holiday ¥13,500
Specific Dates ¥14,050


Q.What are the ski lift prices?

Adults ¥4,000 Seniors ¥3,400 Middle/High Schoolers ¥2,900 Elementary Schoolers ¥1,300

Q.Business Hours for Lift

Spring Skiing Season
On weekday 8:30 AM to 4 PM
On weekend and specific date
8:00 AM to 16:30 PM

Q.On-the-day pass purchasing

Please purchase at the on-site lift pass sales point

Q.Wi-Fi connections

Free Wi-Fi is available at the lift pass sales point, rental shop, rest area, and summit hut.

Q.Ski resort meals

Meals are available at the summit hut, Bunadaira hut, and the dining area adjacent to the rental shop.

Q.Hot spring facilities in the area

In the area between the ski resort and Urasa Station, there are a wide variety of hot springs, including Ginzandaira hot spring, Tochiomata hot spring, Oyu hot spring, Oritate hot spring, Imokawa hot spring, and Yakushi hot spring. Yakushi hot spring, Ginzandaira hot spring, and Oyu hot spring also contain facilities that can be used on a day trip.